Hi, All..

Silvia’s here.

Well, What am I gonna talk about myself?

I’m simply fiction addict and make up lover. I don’t really understand what is the correlation of these two, but I like it anyway. So that’s why, it could be great if  could write anything about fiction and make up here.

Anything that I wrote here is actually my thought, my idea, and my opinion. So even if i wrote about a product here, is actually my own thought, my own experience, and my own perception without any interruption.

I appreciate whoever that asked my help to give a review about their products or services. I will give a fair and honest review about the products and and services, so I hope you will understand what am I gonna talk about.

For further information, please kindly contact me at

instagram: @silviasabita

or email me at me@silviasabita.com

Nice to see you all guys