Hi all fiction Addict!

Here is all what you need..

I specially made this corner in order to keep my fiction-reading hobby going without any distraction. Anything I write in here is fiction, originally came from my imagination and sometimes come from my dream (I dunno, feels like I always have a weird dream over time).

So, I have 3 section on this corner.

Short Fiction

Here you’ll find a short fiction with a bit complicated trouble dang on the main character. I didn’t write anything too complicated, it is enough to be refresher in your free time.


Here, um, what should I say? I just wrote what ever in my head. Sometimes the idea is just popping up on my head. There’s no really a conflict here, just a prologue, a way the character talking to themselves

Flash Fiction

This is a part that i reeeaaalllyyy love! You will find a new way of reading fiction. You will find a paragraph that explain anything by that moment. I mean, unlike short fiction and prologue that will be able to explain some moments, here you will find just a moment, a one moment. Uhuh, yeah. It is Fun!

Well, happy faction-reading Guys